Stay Financially Afloat While Sailing Your Boat

Invest in boat, motorcycle or RV insurance in Toledo, Ohio

You were so excited to purchase a new toy that you didn’t factor in an insurance policy. Now you’re concerned that toy has to go back on the shelf permanently. Rest assured, D & R Insurance Agency helps Toledo, OH residents make the most of their recreational investments. Our agents have a combined 60 years of experience – we know how to track down the perfect policy. Call us at 419-535-5600 now.

D & R: covering luxury vehicles since 1977

The point of toy insurance is to cover your bases. A fender bender could easily total your RV or motorcycle, but more importantly, a wreck could damage your passengers, too. If you’re behind the wheel when an accident occurs, you’re responsible for the medical bills of your friends and family. Contact D & R for motorhome and recreational vehicle insurance in Toledo, Ohio. We pledge to:

• Offer competitive rates
• Communicate all of your options
• Alleviate the burden of car repairs
• Protect you from lawsuits

A recreational vehicle should enhance your life. Move forward confidently when your investment is covered by D & R.