The House Might Be Temporary but It's Still Your Home

The House Might Be Temporary but It's Still Your Home

D & R Insurance Agency can create your renters insurance policy in Toledo, OH

Often, insurance is mandatory when renting an apartment or condo. Make sure your policy checks all the boxes and adequately protects your place. D & R Insurance Agency can do the shopping for you in Toledo, Ohio. Our insurance agency will complete price comparisons and suggest plans that are within your budget.

We offer renters insurance through Progressive and provide a discount when you bundle renters and auto insurance. We can also assist you with purchasing umbrella or flood coverage through Progressive. We believe that your Toledo, OH insurance policy shouldn't break the bank. Contact us at 419-535-5600 to get a quote on renters insurance today.

3 reasons you need renters insurance

Since 1977, D & R Insurance Agency has helped Ohio residents find plans that cover their cars, rental properties and churches. We're dedicated to learning about your needs and matching you with the perfect policy. Consider the following reasons to invest in renters insurance:

  • If someone gets hurt in your house or apartment, you're liable. Renters insurance can cover the medical bills.
  • They're called valuable belongings for a reason - don't lose precious memories, heirlooms or personal treasures.
  • Natural disasters are a frequent occurrence - expect the best, but plan for the worst. In the event of a fire or flood, you'll have support.

Contact Toledo, Ohio's preferred insurance agency with questions about opening a policy.