Choose a Policy That's Specifically for Churches in Toledo and the surrounding areas

Instead of paying for a policy that's not a perfect fit, turn to D & R Insurance Agency for a plan from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance. Working with a company that specializes in policies for churches allows you to get extensive coverage you wouldn't find in a standard corporate insurance plan.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance is an independent Christian insurance company based in Fort Wayne, IN. We'll work with them to find the perfect plan that covers legalities involving:

  • Counseling
  • Sexual acts
  • Comprehensive property
  • Comprehensive liability
  • Relief activities
  • Church-owned vehicles
  • Foreign Travel
  • Ministry Works payroll services
When you call us for a quote at 419-535-5600, we'll listen to your needs and explain the buying process. Besides helping you find coverage for your church, we can also find auto and renters insurance.

When you want affordable coverage for your Toledo area church, turn to D & R Insurance Agency. Get your quote by contacting us today!