Get the Wheels Rolling on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Get the Wheels Rolling on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Toledo, Ohio chooses D & R Insurance Agency for car insurance

Friends and family have told you that you're paying too much for car insurance, but switching providers seems overwhelming. Don't worry, the D & R Insurance Agency has helped Ohio residents find affordable coverage since 1977. Let the Toledo, OH experts draw up an auto insurance policy that works for your budget.

Here are a few reasons to open your new auto insurance policy today:

•We have your back - when you're in a nasty accident, we'll help you pick up the pieces.

•We know you need a car - don't let a fender bender jeopardize your career or limit your ability to provide for your family.

•We believe other drivers are a liability - no matter how careful you are, the road is an unpredictable place.

If you're doubting your current auto insurance plan, it's time to switch to D & R Insurance Agency.

D & R Insurance Agency can answer your most pressing insurance questions

Whether you want a basic insurance policy or a plan that covers your DUI, you can trust D & R Insurance Agency. We can help you file an SR-22 to get your license reinstated or analyze your coverage options. In addition to offering auto insurance plans to Toledo residents, we also provide coverage for commercial vehicles through Progressive. You can even choose D & R Insurance Agency for church and renters insurance.

Request your quote by calling 419-535-5600.